Mike & Logan, Married!

The roads are wet, the leaves are dying, and the cold is here!  I am one of those that just loves this time of year.  The colors of fall, the crisp winter air, and the occasional snow (Though it rarely hits Chico).  It brings me into the mood of my favorite time of year, Christmas!  The time of year where I get to spend time off work to enjoy my family and friends, play Christmas music, and enjoy the occasional Christmas movie.  For me, limiting Christmas to just one month a year is much too little!

As I am still recovering from bronchitis and the events from last month, my wife and I have finally announced to the public (Essentially, just Facebook…) that we are expecting!  We are super excited and can’t wait for our baby to arrive.  It was so hard to keep it a secret for nearly two months.  I wanted to tell everyone I talked to.  I plan to take lots and lots of photographs and get really good at infant, toddler, and child portraits.

In late October, I got to utilize my wedding photography skills in a lovely backyard wedding with Mike & Logan.  While fall had certainly hit with the rain pouring and leaves falling, they managed to get married without getting soaked.  It was perfect as when we started their couple photos between the ceremony and reception, the rain apparently vanished for the half hour we had for photographs.  As soon as we got back from taking photographs, the rain was back in full force.  To be honest, I was a little bummed as they were willing to get soaked for photographs, but I’m glad they were able to stay dry.  :-)

Despite them staying dry, we still got some sweet shots, including some in an old Rolls Royce.  Mike & Logan are some of the most chill people I’ve ever met.  It really showed up on their wedding day as the both of them were so calm and not worried about a thing in the world.  They were just looking forward to seeing one another down that aisle.  One thing that stood out to me on this wedding was that Logan & her father did the first dance.  I thought that was pretty cool and I haven’t seen that before.  Her father was also one of the most outgoing dad’s I’ve seen.  It was awesome to see him completely rocking out on the dance floor with his daughter.  Then, when grandpa joined as well, things got crazy.  Logan’s infectious joy and happiness throughout the night could be felt even if you were standing 100 feet away.  This was clearly the happiest day of her life and I am honored I was able to join them.

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