Introducing the Pruitt Family!

Last weekend was the weekend for graduations! My brother just graduated as well as my wife. Not only my family, but the Pruitts as well! This is how I met the Pruitt family. Cliff Pruitt is the Canvass Manager at Yellowbook USA and the reason that our landscape photo is on the front cover of the Oroville Yellowbook! His daughter graduated from CSU, Chico (Congratulations!) which brought the whole family together and was prime time to get some photos of all them together. I loved the backyard and the landscaping they had so we had to get a few shots there and then in the house. They were such a fun group and a pleasure to photograph!

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  1. Pruitt500
    May 26, 2011

    Love it.   Thank you so much.  The Pruitt’s

  2. Woody5003
    May 27, 2011

    I look good… hey everyone look how good I look!