The Vollman, Anderson, and Suihkonen Families!

So, Whitney and I hiked Half Dome this last Sunday…man, are we sore!  It’s been several years since my last trip up there and her first time.  If you’ve never climbed Half Dome, it’s about a 19 mile journey and is a brutal hike, especially once you get to the top after climbing 4800 ft. in elevation.  Needless to say, it was hard to walk at the beginning of this week!

This didn’t end up stopping me from being able to participate in an awesome family portrait session this week.  It was 4 different families for a total of 8 parents and 6 children!  Talk about coordination!  These kids were so much fun though and didn’t complain one bit.  Granted, they got to take some pictures with my camera and play with some of my lighting equipment, but they really enjoyed being in the pictures and showing off their adorable, quirky personalities.  I got the opportunity to take some shots of the adult couples as well; I am thrilled with the results and cannot wait to get them all the pictures.  Until then, here are some of my favorite shots!

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